S. Pavlou Tae Kwon Do Academy

Founder Solomon Pavlou, a native of Cyprus who fell in love with the discipline at 13 years old, owns and runs S. Pavlou Tae Kwon Do Academy. After coming to the United States, owning a restaurant business and and starting a family, Grand Master Pavlou realized his dream of teaching Tae Kwon Do full-time to adults and children in1987, when he founded his academy now located in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Pavlou Tae Kwon Do Academy is the sole NJ-area school that has a full time 8thdegree black belt grand master who teaches full-time. His 8th degree rank gives Master Pavlou a level of recognition that very few achieve. Master Pavlou’s team is an experienced, talented and accomplished group of martial artists who love working with children and adults and watching them progress.

Source: https://specials.spavloutaekwondo.com/